FAQs – How To Nominate

Who May Nominate?

Anyone with knowledge about an athlete/builder and willing to invest the time and effort necessary for this task.

What does a good nomination look like?

  • Everything should be submitted on letter size paper
  • At least a two-page biographical sketch about the nominee
  • Supporting materials that document the factual information in the biographical sketch
  • At least three letters of support
  • Sports-related photographs
  • Has a completed nomination form 2020 Nomination Form

What should be included in the biographical sketch?

The bio-sketch should include detailed information about the person’s sporting achievements. Include awards won, medals received, records achieved, honours won, etc. The bio-sketch can be presented in narrative form for general descriptive information or in bulleted form for factual information about athletic achievements, records, awards, etc. Personal information about the individual is valuable in presenting a balanced view and should be included, but the selection decision is first and foremost a decision about athletic accomplishment. What kind of supporting materials should be included? The supporting material should back-up the information included in the bio-sketch, e.g. if an individual played for PEI on a Canada Games team, a news clipping could be included that documents that participation, or information can be presented about high school or university participation from year books, public relations releases, athletic fact books, newsletters, fall and spring athletic guides, etc. The idea is to be completely accurate with information rather than presenting someone’s opinion that might be based on faulty memory.

Who should write support letters and what should be their content?

Letters of support are intended to add weight to your recommendation. They can be solicited from former coaches, mentors, teammates, athletic directors, high school and university officials, and others who have had direct observation of the individual. Famous names will certainly add to the cause, but letters from family members of the individual should not be submitted. These letters should speak to the athletic accomplishments of the individual and state an opinion about the person’s potential for Hall membership, given the mission and high selection standards of the Hall.

How do I submit photos?

You can submit photos in whatever way is convenient to you, but they should be presented in letter-size format for ease of copying by the Hall of Fame Staff. Photos should be sports related. You should not expect the photos you submit to be returned, so good copies are acceptable.

How do I find out the details about the athlete I am nominating?

Some possible sources:

  • Factual information available from family members of the individual; family scrapbooks and
  • photo albums are often useful to get you started (but you should not send the entire book, only
  • relevant information that you copy and submit in the desired format)
  • Team records from teams on which the individual played, or records of accomplishment in nonteam sports
  • News clippings
  • Information and records from professional organizations, often associated with a particular sport or league
  • Information gathered from searching the world wide web
  • High school athletic records
  • University athletic participation information. Often a sports information officer at a university can be of great assistance
  • Contact individuals who you know are in a position to know information, and also ask them for the names of others. You will create a network of people who know the individual and can provide leads to other valuable information. Don’t hesitate on a search like this to contact someone more than once.
  • You may want to review some of the write-ups on the Hall of Fame website of those who have been inducted to gain historical information and perspective about hall members. It might be particularly good to do this for the sport of the person you are going to nominate.

What kind of balance should I have in the nomination between athletic performance/career
information and personal information?

The Hall honours athletic accomplishment, so your primary task is to present information about the person’s athletic achievement. However, a person with a strong athletic record and who is a person of quality, honesty, integrity, and compassion may be looked upon with greater interest than one with a great athletic record and dubious personal background. Focus on athletic accomplishment, but don’t avoid some information about the person.

Should I include information that detracts from the recommendation should the athlete have been disciplined or sanctioned in the past?

Be honest. If the nominee has a “past” don’t shy away from including it. The selection committee needs to know all information, good or bad, and character is sometimes a key factor. It is best to know about it up front than to find out later, e.g. if a nominee was suspended for hitting an official or was “busted” for using performance enhancers, the committee needs to know.

What if my nomination is not approved the first year of consideration?

Nominations are active for three consecutive years. Given the competition for entrance into the Hall, people of great accomplishment are often selected, but on the second or third try. After three years of consideration, a nomination is no longer active and a new nomination request with additional information is required for further consideration.

What happens to the nomination when it arrives at the Hall of Fame? Who makes the selection and when?

All the active nominations are referred to the Selection Committee that meets in March or early April each year. The recommendations of the Selection Committee must be approved by the entire Board of Directors of Sport PEI, Inc. Final decisions are announced following the Board’s approval. The annual goal is 4 inductions. Is there anything I can do to make the process easier for the Hall of Fame Staff? Normally only one recommendation with attachments is requested. However, there are six members on the Selection Committee, so you could help by sending in seven copies of the recommendation and accompanying materials so that copying is not necessary. If this is an issue, however, it is not important and will not impact negatively on the nomination.

Is there a deadline for submission?

The deadline for nomination in 2020 is April 17 to be considered. If selected for membership in the Hall, what will happen next? If selected, the Executive Director of the Hall of Fame will notify both the person selected and the person making the nomination. If not selected, only the person making the nomination will be notified. Should I tell the person being nominated of the nomination? Advising the person is your choice. You can make that decision yourself. In some cases it may be wise not to tell them and in other instances it may be advantageous to tell them, e.g. the individual might have information that could be helpful in preparing the nomination and you could miss that information. You make the call.

When would the person be inducted if selected?

Currently the induction ceremony and banquet is held in mid-to-late September or early October. However in 2018 the Hall will be looking to have an earlier induction.

Can I call the Hall of Fame if I get stuck or want advice?

We are always available.
Nick Murray, PEI Sports Hall of Fame
njmurray100@gmail.com or peisportshall@gmail.com
40 Enman Crescent
Charlottetown, PEI
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