Ron Atkinson
Skeet Shooting Inducted:October 02, 2004

Ron Atkinson has devoted a great deal of his life to the sport of skeet shooting, both as a competitor and as an administrator.

He was first introduced to the sport at nineteen years of age when a neighbour
took him out to the local gun club in Charlottetown. He took a great interest
in the challenge of shooting at two four inch clay targets going at a speed of 60
miles per/hour in opposite directions, this was the beginning of a love for the
sport of skeet shooting for Ron.

Commencing in 1952 and before the decade ended, Ron’s dedication and his
demonstrated skill in the sport enabled him to become one of the highest
average shooters in Eastern Canada. Establishing him amongst the sport’s
elite, Ron won the PEI Provincial Skeet Championship on ten occasions, the
Maritime Skeet Championship seven times and the Canadian AAA class title
twice. He also was successful in winning every eastern Canadian Regional
tournament at least once, and through the 1950’s recorded three of the four
perfect scores recorded in the Maritimes.

One of Ron’s proudest moments was being involved in a Canadian skeet event
where he shot head to head on the same squad against Bill Rodgers, a former
world champion. Bill broke 99 out of 100 targets but Ron shot 100 , a perfect
score, to win the event.

Ron has served in many local, regional and national skeet shooting
administrative positions and also as an organizing member of the Canadian
Skeet Shooting Championships since 1992.

Ron is also credited with creating the Club Average Handicap System for local
skeet competitions, a system now used for inter-club, league and fun
competitions at many Canadian and American skeet clubs.

In the mid 1970’s, Ron began hand printing and publishing a monthly
bulletin for the Charlottetown Trap and Skeet Club which he called
‘Targetdust’. It became so popular that it was adopted as the national skeet
shooting bulletin for Canada and it continues to be the voice of Canadian
skeet shooting, and one of the most popular information bulletins in North

In 1984, Ron following three years of research, published ‘PULL’, an
interesting 100 year history of clay target shooting on Prince Edward Island.
His scrapbooks of skeet events will become future historical treasures.

For his dedication to the sport, Ron was inducted into the Canadian Skeet
Shooting Hall of Fame in 2000 in the builder category. The Canadian Hall of
Fame committee honored Ron by creating the Ron H. Atkinson Award which
is presented to the builder inductee of the year.

Ron Atkinson passed away on November 5, 2017.

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File Contains: Book - "Pull", A History of Clay Target Shooting on Prince Edward Island; Book - "A Treasure Called Belvedere"; nomination file; photo; paper cuttings; newsletters