The Hall’s Two-fold Mission: (1) to recognize and pay tribute to those athletes and builders of sport who have brought special honor to our province; and (2) to collect artifacts, photographs and other memorabilia relating to, and illustrating the history of sport in Prince Edward Island, and to display them in a manner to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Purpose: This document’s purpose is to give helpful guidance to those individuals who may want to nominate a person for Hall membership.

Eligibility Qualifications: Eligible nominees are those who have brought distinction to Prince Edward Island in any field of sport, and those who have made a major contribution to the development of sports in the Province. There are two categories to which an athlete can be inducted: 1) Athletes, and 2) Builders of Sport. Athletes or Builders of Sport must be retired from active competition for a period of
five years minimum. (On occasion teams have been successfully nominated.) Athletes, builders, and teams are all eligible for induction, providing they were either born on P.E.I. or have lived in the province for at least four years during their athletic career.
Who May Nominate? Anyone with knowledge about an athlete/builder and willing to invest the time and effort necessary for this task.

PEI Sports Hall Nomination Form

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- Nominee Information, including date of birth
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